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GANGS LIFE (Comparison between Indonesia and America) Kehidupan geng

GANGS LIFE What teachers can do to stem the problem in their schools.
By Bob Waliszewski

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Background of the idea:

In the past 10 years, gang violence has claimed more than 11.000 lives in the United States. In Los Angels alone, whit its 55,258 gang members, approximately 20 percent of all homicides are gang-related.

Background of the topic:

Schools are the breeding ground for gangs. That’s where the mentality stars to take shape and where they’re gonna clash and carry over their after-school life. As result of this interaction, approximately 50 students are killed on junior high and high school campuses each year. Gangs violence on campuses continue to increase.


This article taken from Teachers in focus magazine, published nine times per year in USA. A gang is an ongoing, loosely organized association of three or more persons, whether formal or informal, which has common name, signs, symbols, or colors, whose members engage, either individually or collectively, in violent or other forms of illegal behavior. In many cases, the roots of gang violence can be traced back to what happens at school. Another study found that one of every three 10th- through 12th- graders does not feel safe at school. Yet another poll of seventh-through 12th-graders found that 12 percent of student report carrying a weapon for protection, 25 percent expressed belief that most kids admire gang member.
Most members are males, but females now make up 5 percent of gang membership and this number is increasing. A higher proportion of male crimes are violent while a higher percentage of female crimes are property offenses. According to Rick Sandford children who felt abandoned by working and noncaring parents are most at risk. Kids want to belong to something. If the child did not got it and join to the gang, gangs give identity. Child attraction to the gang lifestyle was a sense of belonging. The members of gang say “I had never really been around a parent who was willing to say he loved me”. To solve this problem author give tips for teachers: (1) Take the young guy and invest some personal time, not just in the classroom (2) improve reading skills (3) Bring in tutors and mentor to help (3) Help teens get involved with sports (4) Be concerned about the ‘wannabes’ because they are ‘gonnabes’ (5) To prevent them, try talking straight about gangs, Tell them the average gang member is at risk of not seeing his or her 19th birthday (6) Stars a zero-tolerance policy for gangs and do not give any ground (7) School teachers need to encourage their students to bring in someone from the outside who can address the problems of gangs and violence (8) Make sure you know your school environment and culture.


Based on the article my analysis is focus to the gangs at the school and how it works in Indonesia. Waliszewski explains the article that might not show the real situation in Indonesia, because I think gangs in Indonesia are not as many as those in US. The cause and the form are basically the same. I agree with the author. I do not know much about gangs in America. Because the article is made and based on American situation so I can found the general view about the gangs in America. As a developing country in Indonesia economy becomes a big problem that influences family. Economic factor and high fertility rate are major factors which potentially affect broken home. The strong influence of western culture is the main factor, for example “the metal” and “rock” gangs. Famous gangs like this will be adopted by society in Indonesia. Low education and low quality of the teachers cannot help student to solve their problem.

I agree with the opinion the reason children or teens join a gang is to look for sense of belonging that is in line with Maslow Hierarchy (humanistic theory) and psychology. People need sense of belonging and student cannot study well without it. In school there are so many students have problems in their family. They make the students feel unloved or have low attachment with the family. To fulfill their sense of belonging, they try to seek it. Friends are the proper place to have it. Students get their identity and acceptance from their friends. This theory was supported by Freud and Erikson statement that “Acceptance and attachment form identity and both can be found in family and peer” (Santrock, 2002, p. 281). Gang is developed also by sameness in goals, characters, etc.
In my first practicum, I observed one student as my assignment of Child and Adolescent Development study. I observed a student who has problem in study. He managed to go on to the next class though he was almost failed. After observing him I found that he has experienced broken home. At the same time he joins a gang at the school. His parents are very busy with their working and they do not have time to share with their boys. He also said that he often got scolded from parents. I tried to relate treatment of parents with student’s interaction in the school. He joins into the exclusive gang which does not easily accept members. They are together in all situations. According to my teacher mentor after school time finish they do not go back home directly. He often goes home at night. They go to a place to play a game, like play station or squat. Basically the gang takes his time to study and makes him scolded by his parents. From my experience join into the gangs makes the members struggle, problem, bullying in the school and all negative action. They are more dare to make problems because they do it together.

What can teachers do and how about the Christian perspective?
The students spend their time about eight hours per day at the school. School is the second place that gives impact to the student. School should become the secure place for them to grow. Students who feel unloved and have low attachment with their parents have to be accepted the way they are. As Van Brummelen said that teachers become “In loco parentis”. Each student is unique, has weaknesses and strengths, and they the image of God. This is the significant time to transform students because in school where mentality starts to take shape. As Christian teachers we have to pay attention with the student’s needs. We care about them, become loyal listeners and counselor. We can do anything else to show that we care about them. For instance we show our smile and friendliness so the student is not afraid to come directly to us, share and give support. Reflective journal can be used to know more about student’s problem. Help student get involved with sports. Do it all not just in the classroom or school. Maybe we do alone and we can work together with parents. Call their parent and talk about student problem and give solution about what can parents do. Give report once a week. To the student give explanation about gang’s impact and tell the reason why they are join. Make peace among gang at the school. And the most important live in your life so they can see Christ in you. Bring our student grow in Christ. While the hands of the teachers may be tied, the constitution affords protection for student-initiated events. Christian students should also consider mentoring their at-risk colleagues. I know that they are created by God and are the image of God but I never implement in my practice, it is big lie. The important here is what I do.


Many students do not feel safe in the school. Mostly, the gang is the prime cause for bullying, fighting among them or sometimes killing occurs. Gangs give impact to their members. For example the members are not focusing on their study because they are depending on their gang. The gang based on the wrong motivation has to be deleted. The main reason why student joins into the gang is because they feel abandoned by their working and non caring parents. Caring and paying attention to our student are important things to help them grow in Christ. Be the good teachers who have close relation with our students and live your life according to the bible so they can see Christ in you.

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An Introduction to Christian Belief


Evolution become the higher controversial recent and many of Christians felt when they learn and understand about theory of evolution. They brought with scientists invention but not all the science deal with this theory. I chose this topic because I am interest; I want straighten or correct branches in my maid. I chose this topic base on my experience when I was senior high school. I was struggle with my faith after read theory of evolution. I always seek the answer, asked to my teacher buy they did not care and I did not found the answer. I will be a teacher and more again biology teacher. I thing this is a big challenge for me and I have to face. My purpose in understanding about Christian view about evolution is finding the meet point between Christian and evolution where make me more trust in god. I want to make sure how about can I teach evolution theory in the classroom if I am not believe it. I will teach and my understanding about this will I bring into my classroom and make my students standing up for the truth.


Defined to include what can be observed and what fits the natural world. The ideas of natural selection, speciation, adaptation, and evolution are often used interchangeably by secular scientist. As we know that evolution is a distraction from many of more important issues facing modern society. There are many categories of evidence that have been used in support of the theory of evolution. The evidence from classification, for example, is that animals and other life forms can be graded from the most simple to the most complex, indicating that there has been a development from lower to higher life forms (Riss, 1996).


This issue is not part of the core beliefs of Christianity (Carpenter, 2002, p. 2). Darwin said about the origins of animals would have any serious implications about Christian beliefs. Lewis and Bonhoeffer in their discussion said that scientific explanation of the origins of species is a philosophy of life which assumes there is no God and the reality around us which we can perceive with our senses is all that exists (Carpenter, 2002, p. 3).
The truth of the matter is, there is quite a bit of convincing information for the evolution of species, and that the world is older than had been estimated by Biblical approach. However, we fail to see how an ancient earth is in any way a problem for an Eternal God. That it is presumptuous to think that we can fully know God's method of Creation, even if we did have such knowledge, it is still improper for us to force our theistic point of view on to others. We can look at nature and see evidence for God's existence, but that is in part because we have chosen to believe in a spiritual reality, apart from my perception of it. We do not think that one could scientifically prove the existence of God, but it is a dangerous assumption to base one's religious beliefs on scientific evidence. There is more to life than science, and some things cannot be simply quantities (Schneider, 2007, p. 5). For example, in our daily life it is makes no sense to say that "I love you with a value of 3.8” and the same time "this flower has a beauty score of 42". But does this mean that love and beauty don't exist, because we can't quantities them. (Schneider, 2007, p. 5).
The bible is clear that God's eternal power and divine nature can be clearly understood from what God has made (Rom 1:20). “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities-his eternal power and divine nature-have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse”
Although the bible is also clear that the message of salvation, the gospel, is made clear through preaching (Roman 10:14) “How, then, can they call on the one they have not believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?” nature alone does not make the gospel clear; we also need revelation to understand God and the way of salvation.


Evolutionists often look at a characteristic of an organism and assume that it was produced through a gradual series of changes and call it an adaptation to a given environment. The adjustment of an organism to its environment has been observed within the same kinds (Theory of origin, 2008, p. 1).
Evolution happens as a natural consequence of natural selection. However, no direct observational evidence supports the concept of a turning, however gradually, into an amphibian. The forelimbs of vertebrates do not form in the same way. Naturalistic explanation for homology is that all of the organisms evolved from a common ancestor though a common designer can explain the similarities as well (Theory of origin, p. 3).
The forelimbs of vertebrates do not form in same way. For example in frogs the phalanges form as buds that grow outward and in humans they form from a ridge that develops furrows inward. Convergent evolution is used as a way to explain homologies that appear in organisms that are not supposed to be closely related (Johnson, 2002).
Mutation is the key of change of being live and one way to live on from natural selection. But the result of mutation from a species will not exceed its main, because reduction of genetic factor. So mutation will happened from complex to simple, how theory of evolution explaining appearance of species complex of very simple being. Added again result of mutation will not go along way and will immediately die. Mutation only experiencing of change a little from its genialness for example skin color.


The question is why Christian school still involve theory of evolution into their curriculum and different with story of Kansas school. Case expenditure of evolution lesson has ever done by school of Kansas in USA (Ussery, 1999, p. 1). They well intentioned to look after belief of students but it were a wrong way. Christian view and values have to be taught in families’ society and church. It was important to be honest in science, moreover when we found the result that can be known. It is means that how we can make progresses. Without evolution lesson it will limit the access to basic education about world around and this is a counterproductive to Christian.
If we do not teach evolution itself in the school about understanding of evolution and how we should we facing before plunging to field, our student will struggle after hearing outside there and exactly will be more be dangerous because they don’t have previous knowledge and accept out of handily is. It is better to teach students about evolution theory, selective to believe one theory, teach them from Christian view. We need to unfold the weaknesses of evolution beside to explain the possible of fact for instance fossils, mutation and others.
Teach is not focus to one theory however must be compared with the other lesson and with the new discovery. The important here is from the entire discovery existing today putting evolution theory not more than hypothesis. No one has proved that evolution really happened.
While science is naturalistic, it has nothing to say about the origin of the 'natural' laws which it investigates. Evolutions are science and we will teach our student about all possibility which can enrich knowledge of them. However it just a philosophy, assumes and hypothesis (Strobe, 2004, p. 24). But cannot deny that from all evolution theory there are which go with our view.


Select the all theory evolution theory that can be served as a Christian and do not believe the evolution theory which is still in hypothesis and assumes. For instance those humans come from monkeys and all the animals come from simple cell. We know this just a hypothesis and we never seen/hear that was proven. There is nobody can prove this hypothesis nowadays. And although that proven later on day is not possible base one religious belief on scientific evidence which is result of idea of human itself (Schneider, 2007, p. 5).
How creation can explain Creator, God created all science and function depend us to use for price Him or vice versa. Like bomb created for goodness that often used destroy each other. As a science teacher we have to study seriously in science and as Christian we have to take gospel with seriously too. We trust in Gospel which reveal that the same God created universe and erudite law were scientist seek to found and understand. We believe that scripture is same the infinite which create erudite law and universe which is scientist look for to find and to comprehend.
We believe with the bible and His creation, there should not there will be conflict and will always relevant. Conflict happened because we are not yet appraised God’s words better and also His work correctly. Basically the new inventions of science give us a view that the universe more parallel with creator were compared before. Interventions this means that universe have tuning and start. To understand the universe we need wisdom from God as He said in Hebrews 11: 3 “By faith we understand that the entire universe was formed at God’s command, that what we know see did not come from anything that can be seen”.


Science as a gift by God can not be pledged to explain entire of universe. Human had given God mandatory to investigate the other creation. In our invention as human we always arrogant with our ability and what we found without seeing where they come from. As creation we can not more over from Creator. Evolutionists explain that complexities come from the simple sell and we are the result of this process. They believe on unrighteousness and never prove.
God has created variety of animals, plants and all things, because of this, theory of evolution occur and try to explain this variety based on their interpretation themselves. We do not refuse evolution by out of hand however accept it as science which enriches knowledge of us. It is used to support our belief, kindliness or on the contrary are depend us make decision. Evolution is created by God as we have already known and we known because God had made before. We need to teach our student about evolution, teach knowledge as much as possible and give understanding about absolute truth before coming into society. Be selective and critical to believe one theory and the most important is make the bible as foundation of our interpretation.
To appreciate God as Creator is to recognize that which He created as intrinsically good, the rationale for scientific investigation, the assurance of ultimate personal meaning in life, and the nature of evil (sinner) as an aberration on a good creation. We believe in creation. It is unthinkable for a Christian to do otherwise.

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